Motherboard Shipments Plummet by Ten Million Units in 2022: Report

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For the big four motherboard makers, 2022 will certainly be remembered as an annus horribilis. According to upstream supply chain sources talking to Taiwan’s DigiTimes, the year saw motherboard shipments by Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock drastically decline by around 10 million units. The observed “feeble demand” for motherboards spanned the whole year, said the report, and was impacted by the usual suspects; workers returning to the office, the crypto-slump, and the economic downturn.

We have seen some great new motherboard releases in 2022/3 and some impressive new processors, but PC enthusiasts and DIYers seem to be holding back for now. Specifically, Intel’s 700 series LGA1700 motherboards and AMD’s 600 series chipset AM5 motherboards haven’t done the numbers they might have been expected to do. In Intel’s case, this is more understandable as previous-gen motherboards (from Alder Lake systems) can be upgraded to the latest Raptor Lake parts. For AMD it is more concerning as it changed socket last year (after years on AM4), but people held back as it made the upgrade quite an expensive jump (processor, motherboard, and the necessary DDR5 memory).

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