Moore Threads MTT S80

China’s Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU Lags Behind GT 1030 in Gaming Showdown

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China’s Moore Treads MTT S80 graphics card has been tested in a suite of games by TechTuber BullsLab Jay. They say these GPUs only come up for sale occasionally in small batches, so they were fortunate to be able to grab one.

In brief, the 12nm, 4096 core GPU with 16GB of GDDR6 and a TGP of 250W is disappointing in gaming, as it was consistently outgunned by the GT 1030 2GB with a 30W TGP. Moreover, the card seemed to be restricted to DX9 gaming at the time of review (it is advertised as DX11-capable) and its AV1 codec acceleration was also lacking. Last but not least, BullsLab Jay’s investigation shows that the MTT S80 relies on a PowerVR-based GPU architecture – so its mysterious Chunxaio GPU with MUSA cores has now been unmasked.

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