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Samsung 990 Pro Firmware Update Addresses Failing SSD Health

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It looks as though Samsung’s SSD nightmare involving its 980 Pro and 990 Pro SSDs may soon be coming to an end — at least of sorts. Both SSD families have endured reports of rapidly declining health, but the 980 Pro’s woes were addressed with the 5B2QGXA7 firmware. Earlier this month, Samsung moderator DavidB acknowledged that engineers were investigating “anomaly inquiries related to the SMART Percentage Used (on Samsung Magician) and/or Health Status (on Crystal Disk Info) of the Samsung SSD 990 Pro.” 

DavidB added that a new 990 Pro firmware update would arrive later this month to address the SSD health deterioration. Unfortunately, there’s good news and bad news with this new update (1B2QJXD7), which was pushed to 990 Pro owners over the weekend via the Samsung Magician utility (opens in new tab)

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