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Grab a Massive Discount on the 55-inch 4K Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor: Real Deals

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The Samsung Odyssey Ark is one of those monitors that make you wonder if you may have gone a little crazy. It’s so big that it’s surely not the best idea to have it so close in front of you on a desk for gaming. With a 1000R curve, sharp 4K resolution, and the ability to rotate vertically into a ‘cockpit mode,’ the Samsung Odyssey Ark surrounds you and uses its size and shape to immerse you in whatever you’re doing. With speakers set in the corners of the monitor and built-in woofers, the Arc advertises a surround sound dome to captivate your ears, and all this on top of a smart streaming gaming hub and advanced remote control for navigating the gaming hub and OSD of the monitor. 

The Samsung Odyssey Arc is an impressive monolith of a monitor that puts the majority of people off not just by its imposing size, but also its astronomical price. But now the Samsung Odyssey Arc has had a massive discount to $1999 (opens in new tab) at Amazon. Down from its original launch price of $3,499, and $300 less than its previous lowest-ever price according to Amazon’s Camelizer (opens in new tab)price monitoring extension.  

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