Elegoo Neptune 3 Max Review: Big. Really Big.

Elegoo Neptune 3 Max Review: Big. Really Big.

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The Elegoo Neptune 3 Max has all the latest features that we’ve started to expect in a modern 3D printer: direct drive, a flex plate, auto leveling, and a touch screen. It’s also a beast of a machine with a 420 x 420 x 500mm build volume that’s perfect for printing large props and costume pieces. At a price point of $470, the Neptune 3 Max is an excellent choice for cosplayers looking for a more expansive second printer without breaking the bank.

What it might break, however, is your table. The Neptune 3 Max is a gigantic 39 pound bed slinger requiring nearly a square meter of work surface. Because the build plate moves back and forth along the Y axis, you’ll need 8 additional inches behind the machine and 5 inches in front, for a total of 39 inches (990mm).

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