Michael Klements PiNAS build

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Powers Budget Friendly NAS

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Building a Raspberry Pi powered NAS (Network Attached Storage) is one of the earliest projects achieved with the board. There was something about the $35 board back in 2012 that screamed “build a NAS”, probably that it was running a Linux OS. You can spend big on a great NAS setup, you can spend smart on a kit such as the Argo EON, or you can spend little and build your own. The latter is what Michael Klements has achieved, a $35 Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W powered NAS in a custom 3D printed case.

Lets address the supply of Raspberry Pi before we dive in. Yes, Raspberry Pi are still hard to come by. Its getting better, and 2023 will see more Raspberry Pi arrive for retail. Right now, you need to be quick to secure a Pi. Using rpilocator is your best bet.

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