TimeTravelingTech Star Trek shuttle PC

Enterprising Maker Creates Custom Star Trek PC Case

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To counter the recent Borg incursion into PC building, YouTuber TimeTravelingTech (aka James) has designed and built his own Starfleet themed rig. We’re not sure how well matched one shuttle is against a Borg cube though. That said, the build is beautiful. So lets take it for a test flight.

James is no stranger, having created a series of 3D printable cases for the Raspberry Pi. These include a rather useful print-in-place, folding Raspberry Pi case. Also, a Raspberry Pi case modelled on the Ghostbusters fire station. For James’ latest project, timed to coincide with the release of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 we see him build a shuttle PC. Not the Shuttle brand, a Star Trek shuttle.

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