What a Minecraft AI Chat Might Look Like

Microsoft Reportedly Testing AI Commands for Minecraft

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After 12 years on the market, more than 238 million copies sold, numerous updates, mods and spin-off games, Minecraft remains one of the most popular titles for kids and anyone who is young at heart. Players can build houses, secret lairs or even in-game devices such as a computer that plays Minecraft (opens in new tab)  (totally meta). But up until now, if you wanted to create anything in the game, you had to spend minutes or hours gathering the materials and putting them together. What if you could just ask a bot to do it for you?

According to Semafor Technology Editor Reed Albergotti, Microsoft has internally demoed a Minecraft feature (opens in new tab) which would allow players to use natural language commands to direct the characters or create things. Albergotti writes that, though the demo used AI, it was not powered by OpenAI’s Prometheus Model, which underpins the Bing Chat service. However, he notes that “Microsoft has no immediate plans” to deploy this feature to a public build of Minecraft.

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