AMD Will Hold 20% of Server CPU Market in 2023, Analysts Say

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AMD has been steadily gaining datacenter CPU market share since 2017 — when it launched its EPYC processor for servers — and is expected to command over 20% of shipments this year, according to DigiTimes Research. Meanwhile, various developers of Arm-based system-on-chips (SoC) for datacenters are projected to occupy around 8% of the market. While Intel will maintain the lead, its share will decline significantly.

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AMD Is Gaining Share

There are several factors that will allow AMD to continue grabbing market share from Intel this year, according to Frank Kung from DigiTimes Research. These include higher core count of AMD’s latest EPYC processors compared to range-topping Intel’s Xeon Scalable (96 vs 60), lower prices of EPYC CPUs when compared to Intel Xeon Scalable products with similar core count, and better supply of AMD’s latest EPYC CPUs made at TSMC when compared to Intel’s Xeon Scalable produced in house. 

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