Best Stemma QT, Grove

Best Stemma QT, Grove Add-Ons for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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Whether you’re using a  Raspberry Pi, Pico, Arduino or ESP32, there is always a great selection of add ons and accessories for your favorite board. If you want to be able to attach sensors, motors, switches and lights to your microcontroller with minimum hassle, consider getting components that connect via the Stemma QT (aka Qwiic or QW / ST) or Grove standards

If your microcontroller / SBC has a connector for one of these two standards, you can use a 4-pin cable to connect to add-ons, with no soldering or tweaking required. And if your board doesn’t support one of these connections out of the box, an add-on / HAT is available to provide the connectivity.

What Are Stemma QT, Qwiic and Grove?

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