Tiny11 Requires Less than 2GB of RAM to Run

Make a Windows 11 Image That Runs on 2GB of RAM With Tiny11 Builder

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Out of the box, Windows 11 is a resource-hungry operating system that gulps up tons of RAM and CPU cycles, leaving older or underpowered systems unable to run it. The official system requirements demand not only TPM security and secure boot, but also at least 4GB of RAM, a dual-core processor and a 64GB SSD.  But, with the release of Tiny11 Builder, you can make a lightweight Windows 11 install that gets around these requirements and runs well on PCs with limited memory and processing power. 

Tiny11, a custom image of Windows 11 from Twitter user NTDEV solves these issues by removing unnecessary libraries, apps and services so that the system can run with just 2GB of RAM, take up a mere 12GB of disk space and not check for any of the system requirements. However, up until now, to use Tiny11, you had to download the entire operating system from NTDEV’s cloud storage drive, which meant you didn’t have a choice of Windows 11 version and it was awkward downloading the whole OS from someone other than Microsoft.

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