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Minecraft RTX GPUs Benchmarked: Which Runs It Best in 2023?

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Minecraft RTX officially released to the public in April 2020, after first being teased in August 2019 at Gamescom 2019. Since then, a lot of things have changed, with regular updates to the game and a whole slew of ray-tracing capable graphics cards that didn’t exist in early 2020. The best graphics cards now all have DXR (DirectX Raytracing) and VulkanRT, and you can see the full view of how the various GPUs stack up in other games by checking out our GPU benchmarks hierarchy. But how does Minecraft RTX run these days?

To be clear, we’re not talking about regular Minecraft here. That can run on a potato, even at high resolutions. For example, the Intel Arc A380 — which as you’ll see below falls well below a playable 30 fps with ray tracing on — plugs along happily at 93 fps at 4K without DXR, using 4xMSAA and a 24 block rendering distance. Or put another way, performance is about ten times higher than what you’ll get with ray tracing enabled.

So why would anyone want to turn on ray tracing in the first place, if the performance hit is so severe? First: Look at all the shiny surfaces! Minecraft RTX is a completely different looking game compared to vanilla Minecraft. Second, with cards like the Nvidia RTX 4090 now available, you can still get very good performance even at maxed out settings.

We’ve now tested Minecraft RTX on every DXR-capable graphics card, ranging from the lowly AMD RX 6400 and Nvidia RTX 3050 up to the chart topping 4090. We’re using the latest drivers as well: AMD 23.2.2, Intel, and Nvidia 528.49. We’ll have more details on the ray tracing implementation of Minecraft below, but let’s get to the benchmarks first, since that’s likely why you’re here.

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Minecraft RTX Testing Details

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