Nvidia’s 531.18 Driver Adds RTX Video Super Resolution Support

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Nvidia has released (opens in new tab) a new Game Ready driver for its GeForce graphics card users. Probably the most important thing Nvidia’s version 531.18 WHQL driver adds for content consumers is support for RTX Video Super Resolution. There are slimmer pickings for gamers, with just two headlining additions: some additional DLSS 3 optimizations for Atomic Heart, and support for The Finals closed beta. However, there are some worthwhile looking bug fixes for popular games and Adobe apps.

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We provided some VSR testing and details earlier today, but put simply, VSR adds AI upscaling and enhancement smarts to streaming video consumption. It’s tangentially similar to DLSS, though with different inputs and a completely separate trained network. Anyone with an RTX 30-series or newer GeForce card can give this tech a try. Just grab this new driver and the latest release of Edge or Chrome. (RTX 20-series support will come at a later date.)

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Nvidia’s other headlining game picks aren’t awe inspiring. Firstly, the 531.18 WHQL driver “further optimizes DLSS 3” in Atomic Heart (where’s the ray tracing, Nvidia?). Second, a two-week run of a closed beta for The Finals (no, we’re not going to put it all in caps) is getting support in this driver release. We haven’t mentioned this game before, so briefly: it’s an upcoming free-to-play shooter set in a highly destructive world, where players team up in threes for tournaments. This new game will feature Nvidia technologies such as DLSS, Reflex and RTXGI. See it in action below.

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