Raspberry Pi Brings ChatGPT AI to Clippy

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There is no escaping Microsoft’s Clippy. The intelligent Office Assistant may have been discontinued, but some have remarked how ChatGPT could be Clippy in disguise. This Raspberry Pi 3-powered project from David Packman, via Hackster, brings the power of ChatGPT to Clippy, converting the “beloved” Office mascot into an AI-powered digital assistant.

(Image credit: David Packman)

The glue for this project is the Raspberry Pi and Python. An OpenAI Python library is used to run ChatGPT queries, and Microsoft Azure’s speech services are used to handle converting speech to text, and the reverse. This means we can say “Hey, Clippy” to trigger it to life. We then ask questions and Clippy will run the query through ChatGPT and respond with the information via text-to-speech using Azure.

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