Intel Fixes Arc GPUs’ High Dual-Monitor Power Consumption, 3+ Monitors Still a Problem

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Multi-display configurations are used by many people in the small office/home office space (SOHO) these days. Intel’s moderately-priced Arc A770 graphics cards would be a good fit for these setups if they did not consume 40W of power in idle mode when driving two or more monitors. Apparently, the latest drivers fix the issue and cut down power consumption by four times, reports VideoCardz. But there is a catch. 

Driving several displays at once requires powering up the appropriate number of display pipelines that consume energy. Also, sending high-resolution images with deep colors to monitors requires transferring loads of data and this means power. But in idle mode GPUs don’t need to send 60 or 120 high-resolution deep color images per second to displays, which is something that Intel’s Arc-based graphics cards did (and competing products from AMD and Nvidia do not). 

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