AMD socket AM5 motherboard and Ryzen CPU.

AMD’s Motherboard Support for 24GB and 48GB RAM Is Wonky

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Corsair and Crucial have launched high-density DDR5 memory modules with 24GB and 48GB capacities. Memory vendors have used Intel platforms to demonstrate the new memory kits. AMD’s platform may be just as capable – with the correct optimizations.

It’s important to distinguish between what’s officially supported and what works. For example, Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake and 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors and AMD Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) Zen 4 processors officially support up to 128GB of DDR5 memory. So while higher capacity support (192GB) isn’t entirely off the table, it depends on whether your chip can handle it. It’s similar to the case of the official supported memory speed on processors and Intel XMP or AMD EXPO overclocking. Faster memory kits will work, but you’re on your own, and your mileage will vary. Whether pushing the speed envelope or capacity threshold, the motherboard plays a vital role.

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