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Save $200 Off This RTX 4070 Ti-Powered Gaming PC: Real Deals

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If you’re not into constructing your own gaming rig, then buying a pre-built PC is the next best option. Currently, you can grab $200 off of the price of the ABS Eurus Aqua high-performance gaming PC (opens in new tab)— making it $1,999. The Eurus Aqua contains some powerful components that make it a great PC for gaming on high settings. It comes with an Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti so if you want to play your games with Ray-Tracing or play around with DLSS 3 then this PC has you covered. 

Now, if you’re looking for a good PC case for your next micro-ATX PC build, then the Corsair Crystal 280X RGB for $110 (opens in new tab) is a nice choice for its aesthetics and also for showing off your build and components. Alongside its tempered glass side panel, the Crystal 280X sports a 2-chamber design, with one side for components and wiring and the other side hosting your GPU and cooler. 

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