Lenovo Legion Tower 7i (Gen 8)

Lenovo Legion Tower 7i (Gen 8) Review: An Upgradeable PC with Few Frills

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For every gaming PC with a massive case or a spaceship-inspired design, there’s something a bit more subtle. In some ways the Lenovo Legion Tower 7i ($3,349.99) follows the lead of office mid-towers with a gray, boxy design. But it also emulates some of the best gaming PCs with bog standard parts and plenty of options for upgradeability.

Powering the Tower, in the only configuration as of this writing, is an Intel Core i9-13900KF and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080, which proved to be a powerful combination at both 1080p and 4K in our gaming tests.

The Legion is worthy of consideration for anyone willing to drop $3,000 on a pre-built PC.  here are some issues with RAM speed to address, though they didn’t seem to affect gaming performance too much in our experience.

Design of the Lenovo Legion Tower 7i (Gen 8)

The Legion Tower 7i is a bit of a mashup between an office desktop, a gaming rig and maybe even the Mac Pro. The most striking feature, for better or worse, is a large, cheese grater-style design, but with squares rather than circles. If you like that on the Mac Pro, maybe you’ll like it here, but it’s less polished here. The front also has an RGB Legion logo, turned vertically.

Lenovo’s 34-liter chassis is largely a gray (sorry, “storm” gray) box. I’m OK with that — PC gamers are used to utilitarian chassis that are largely designed to house their parts. I do think that Lenovo could zhuzh it up a bit, though. While some of it is metal, large amounts of it are plastic, and that doesn’t look or feel premium.

The top of the box has a cutout to allow airflow in or out of the chassis (Lenovo has two exhaust fans up there). I wish that there was a dust filter built into that top part, or even just a cheap reusable one. The dust filters at the front and the top should have some tighter tolerances.

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