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Retro TechTuber Adds Ancient PC ISA Slot via Modern TPM Header

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A retro technology enthusiast has successfully grafted an ancient ISA slot to a modern motherboard. In a YouTube Short, TheRasteri introduces us to a neat but work-in-progress expansion board with an ISA slot. It is put to good use during the brief clip, providing SoundBlaster 16-powered gut-wrenching sound effects – and a pumping soundtrack – during a quick blast in the original DOOM (on DOS).

The PC platform used in the video sports an Intel 6 series chipset. It houses a second-generation Intel Core i5-2400S ‘Sandy Bridge’ CPU (4C/4T), which isn’t exactly modern (circa 2011). However, as YouTuber TheRasteri points out, “it’s a little bit older, but has no business having an ISA slot connected to it.”

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