River Raid on a Pimoroni Tufty2040

Raspberry Pi Pico Plays MicroPython River Raid

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Pimoroni’s Tufty2040 is a Raspberry Pi Pico-powered color LCD badge, but it can do much more than names. Coder Pixylatte has coded the Atari classic River Raid in MicroPython for Tufty2040 — and it looks perfect.

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For those of us too young to remember (I wish that were the case), River Raid was released in 1982 for the Atari 2600 games console (I remember playing it on a Commodore 64). The goal of the game is to fly your jet fighter down a river, attacking enemy vehicles as you fly. You have to dodge attacks and vehicles and make sure you have enough fuel to carry on your mission — “Don’t shoot the fuel tanks,” is what I would tell my younger self. 

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