Samsung Talks 1 Petabyte SSDs: Thousands of Layers, Packaging Innovations

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Being the world’s largest supplier of 3D NAND both in terms of revenue and bit shipments, Samsung regularly adopts leading-edge production nodes to increase the bit density and capacities of its solid-state drives. At the China Flash Memory Market Summit, the company said that capacity of a single SSD can increase to 1 petabyte (PB, or 1,024 terabytes), but this is obviously not going to happen overnight.

According to a report from A&SMag, Samsung expects 3D NAND to continue both physical and logical scaling, meaning that NAND flash cell sizes will decrease and the number of layers will increase, so that each layer will be able to store more data. Furthermore, Samsung anticipates more advanced packaging technologies for 3D NAND ICs. Physical, logical, and packaging innovations will increase the capacity of a drive to 1PB within the next decade, the company indicated at the event. 

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