This Year’s Best April Fool’s PC Hardware Hoaxes: Retro, Razer Razors, and Bladeless PC Fans

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Who doesn’t like April Fools’ day, a day each year when we let our inner pranksters out to play harmless jokes on our friends and family? It’s also become a day each year when PC hardware vendors can unleash their creativity and announce ridiculous products without repercussion. 

Over the years, we’ve seen some unique and hilarious inventions from hardware brands. Sometimes, the announcements are clearly hoaxes, but others are so well done that you may think it’s real. So, following the annual tradition, we’ve compiled a small round-up of the most unusual and interesting April Fool’s day hardware announcements.


(Image credit: NZXT)

NZXT is better known for PC cases or CPU liquid coolers. So, you know something bizarre was going on when NZXT tweeted (opens in new tab) what appeared to be an AI-generated render of the company’s first alleged graphics card. It’s a shame it was a joke since consumers could use another competitor in the graphics card market after EVGA’s exit.

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