AMD and JEDEC Develop DDR5 MRDIMMs With Speeds Up To 17,600 MT/s

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MRDIMMs (multi-ranked buffered DIMMs) could be the standard among buffered DIMMs by 203x. In addition, AMD (opens in new tab) has voiced its commitment at MemCon 2023 to help push JEDEC’s MRDIMM open standard, which will significantly boost bandwidth over standard DDR5 DIMMs.

It has been a constant struggle to feed processors with the necessary memory bandwidth as core counts continue to rise. It’s one of the reasons why AMD and Intel have shifted over to DDR5 memory on their mainstream processors, such as Ryzen 7000 and Raptor Lake. So you can imagine the challenge in the data center segment with AMD’s EPYC Genoa and Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Xeon chips pushing up to 96 cores and 60 cores, respectively. 

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