Seagate Star Wars Themed FireCuda SSDs

Seagate, EK Bring Tiny Lightsabers to M.2 SSDs

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EKWB and Seagate have announced new special-edition Star Wars Firecuda NVMe SSDs, honoring the most renowned Jedi and Sith Lord in the franchise, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader. These new drives will feature faceplates with each character’s name and their respective lightsaber designs. Seagate partnered with EK to create heatsinks for the drives, to help keep the drives cool underneath Segate’s Star Wars-themed faceplates.

Seagate is using its 2TB and 1TB versions of its FireCuda 530 NVMe SSDs for its Star-Wars-themed drives. The FireCuda 530 is the fastest NVMe drive Seagate makes featuring PCIe Gen 4 support and a maximum read speed of 7300MB/s. In our review, we praised the FireCuda 530 series for its exceptional warranty rating and extremely fast sustained write performance. 

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