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Luxury fashion house Loewe has launched a new line of clothes and accessories that may appeal to those of a digital persuasion. Aiming to provide a “real world glitch” with its pixel-heavy fashion, Loewe’s new SS23 collection (opens in new tab) will surely catch some double-takes in the real world. Even more eye-popping than the fashionista visuals are the prices on these real-world digital goods, which start at $590 for a t-shirt and go up to $3,400 for a handbag. 

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According to Loewe, “the digital world is decontextualised” with its latest line. The digital-physical collection includes delights such as a $2,500 pixelated hoodie, a $2,500 pixelated pair of trousers, a $1,850 pixelated top, and a $3,400 pixelated handbag.

(Image credit: Loewe)

The collection includes some (relatively) cheaper items as well, such as a $1,450 pixelated denim jacket, a $790 pixelated denim skirt, and a pixelated pair of jeans for $990. The cheapest item is a white graphic t-shirt for “just” $590. Making a full outfit from the collection would easily cost you over $9,000 — and you’d still need to source some shoes and underwear. 

Loewe doesn’t neglect the packaging, either. Customers will receive products from the SS23 line in limited-edition pixel print bags (while supplies last). 

(Image credit: Loewe)

Gamers are used to seeing pixelated characters and items in games, especially in retro games and emulated classic titles. Pixelated visuals also came back into style a few years ago, when we saw a wave of stylized flat/2D titles — a trend that caused gamers to demand crisper integer scaling in their graphics drivers.

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