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RTX On: Nvidia Data Shows Surprising Amount of Gamers Use Ray Tracing, DLSS

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Do you own an Nvidia RTX graphics card, yet seldom dabble in the ray traced realms that have been promited by the green team for the last four and a half years? If so you are in the minority, according to figures released by Nvidia during the GeForce RTX 4070 launch yesterday. Moreover, it suggests that the newer your RTX GPU, the the more likely that you are to flick the RTX On switch – and the same is true for making use of DLSS upscaling / frame generation tech.

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Above, you can see Nvidia’s figures for RTX On and DLSS usage across the three generations equipped with the necessary cores (RT cores and Tensor cores, respectively) to accelerate these features. It shows that initially RTX On and DLSS On were much less popular during the reign of Nvidia’s Turing architecture than in 2023 (left side image). Be aware that the February 2023 RTX 20 and RTX 30 figures are in tiny small print beneath the RTX 40 headline (and right side image), so our table helps show the clear intergenerational trend. All this data is harvested by Nvidia via its GeForce Experience software, so won’t include everyone using those GPUs.

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GeForce Series RTX On in 2023 DLSS On in 2023

RTX 20



RTX 30



RTX 40



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