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Pimoroni Stealthily Announce RP2040 Yukon Modular Robotics Platform

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Receiving its “world premiere” at Cambridge Raspberry Jam, Pimoroni’s latest robotics focused board was announced with an element of stealth. Pimoroni Yukon is a modular robotics platform powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico‘s RP2040 SoC and it could be a strong contender for our best RP2040 boards list.
Many thanks to Mark Mellors for the tip.

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Pimoroni Yukon Known Specifications
SoC RP2040 Arm Cortex M0+ Dual Core at 133 MHz with 264KB of RAM, 2MB Flash storage.
Connections 6 x Module Slots
Row 2 – Cell 0 Expansion header
Row 3 – Cell 0 2 x QW/ST (Stemma QT / Qwiic) Connectors
Row 4 – Cell 0 I2C / Breakout Garden Header
Inputs 3 x User buttons (A,B and USER)
Row 6 – Cell 0 Power Button
Power USB C (Data and Power)
Row 8 – Cell 0 XT60 5-17V

Yukon, is a modular platform with six connection points for a series of interchangeable add-on boards. The add-ons are connected using header pins, and are firmly screwed down to prevent vibrations from shaking them loose during a vigorous robot battle. In the center of the board is the RP2040 SoC, as used in the Raspberry Pi Pico and the Pico W, but we cannot see any Wi-Fi chips, perhaps they are on the rear of the board?

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