Gunnir Arc A770 Photon 16G OC W

Gunnir Slashes Intel Arc GPU Prices Up to 34% in China

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Gunnir, a Chinese graphics card manufacturer, has announced new graphics cards based on the Arc A770 and Arc A750, two of the best graphics cards. As per a report from ITHome (opens in new tab), Gunnir has also issued temporary price cuts on the entire Arc Alchemist lineup to help move some inventory.

The Arc A770 Photon 16G OC W and Arc A750 Photon 8G OC W are the two newest additions to Gunnir’s product portfolio, exclusively comprised of Intel graphics cards. The graphics cards are white versions of Gunnir’s existing Arc A770 Photon 16G OC and Arc A750 Photon 8G OC. They sport the same 2.5-slot design and retain identical cooling systems as their vanilla counterparts. The robust cooler features three 90 mm cooling fans and pushes the graphics card’s length to 300 mm.

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