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Raspberry Pi Gaming Rig Looks Like an Angry Watermelon

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Finding the right housing for your Raspberry Pi is crucial—sometimes it needs to be cooling efficient; other times it needs to look like an angry watermelon! This Raspberry Pi project was created by Kenneth Loebenberg, also known as Psdwizzard over at Reddit, who designed this Retro Pie setup to look like a watermelon. We’ve seen watermelon Pi projects before, but this is the first one we’ve seen that won’t spoil or get your hands sticky with melon juice.

Loebenberg explained in the original thread that his brother is a STEM teacher. He wanted a retro gaming system for his students to play with and asked Loebenberg if he was up to the challenge. After a bit of sculpting in Blender, the Melon Pi was ready to be 3D printed. For a professional finish, Loebenberg opted to use a resin printer which has yielded some seriously smooth results in the end product.

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