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3D Print Your Own USB BusKill Module to Protect Data

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When it comes to protecting data, you can never be too careful. While there are plenty of tools available for virtual protection, this project is focused on the physical protection of your data. BusKill is known for creating and selling computer kill cords. These trigger safety measures on your PC when unexpectedly disconnected. Today we’re sharing a development from one of their creators, Melanie Allen, who has created a 3D-printable BusKill cable that you can create at home.

This project is still technically a work in progress but enough work has been completed to issue a working prototype. According to BusKill, the project is open source and the files are available for anyone who wants to experiment with it and help BusKill improve their design. You will need a 3D printer, or at least access to a service that can print the components for you, and soldering experience to get started but there are plenty of detailed instructions to guide you through the build process.

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When the team was designing this project, they had a few specific goals in mind. They wanted to ensure the case for the module was small. They also wanted to ensure it could be easily disassembled to check for tampering. With these goals in mind, Allen went to work leading to the prototype we have available today.

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