AMD’s Zen 4 Phoenix Pictured: FP7 and FP8 CPUs Exposed

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AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7040-series Phoenix processors for laptops based on the Zen 4 microarchitecture will come in three different packages aimed at different types of laptops. Chinese technology review channel Golden Pig Upgrade has published a review of the Ryzen 7 7840HS processor that, among other things, compares AMD’s FP8 and FP7/FP7r2 form factors (via VideoCardz).

AMD’s Ryzen 7040-series CPUs will be available in all-new FP8 as well as in FP7r2 and proven FP7 packages. The newer FP8 is noticeably larger than FP7/FP7r2. In addition, the FP8 package is designed to support higher-performance interfaces, including, among other things, AMD’s MIPI CSI, a high-speed interface protocol for transmitting video and images from camera to host. This package is more suitable for devices requiring higher data throughput and advanced camera capabilities. 

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