Powerstar P3-01105

Chinese PC Maker Powerstar Rebrands Intel CPU as the P3-01105

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On Saturday, Chinese computer manufacturer PowerLeader launched a ‘new’ processor and compact desktop PC. During the press conference, PowerLeader talked about its first generation Powerstar P3-01105 CPU, featuring the “storm core” architecture, described as “extremely high performance,” x86 compatible, and offering great support for Windows. And so it should, as it looks very much like a rebranded Intel Core i3-10105(F) Comet Lake CPU with 4C / 8T.

In Chinese tech news media coverage, such as at ITHome, there was no hint given about a partnership with Intel on this rebrand. Instead, we have a quote from a PowerLeader execs talking about how the first gen Powerstar chips were “specially designed for daily desktop users, and are suitable for government, education, energy, industry, finance, medical care, games, and retail, etc.” 

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