Silent But Deadly: PC Chassis Can Dissipate 600W Without Fans

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There are loads of gaming systems that boast high performance and then there are fanless PCs that can run basic multimedia and productivity applications. Regrettably, the domains of gaming and fanless technology seldom overlap, resulting in a scarcity of passively cooled gaming desktops, which are often custom made and use expensive components. But it looks like Streacom wants to change that and make fanless gaming systems more widespread.

Streacom plans to showcase its SG10, a PC chassis that can dissipate up to 600W of thermal energy without usage of any fans at Computex in late May. The case was developed in collaboration with Calyos, which specializes on advanced thermal solutions relying on loop heat pipe (LHP) technology. An avid reader will probably recall that a couple of years ago Streacom already teased a case capable of dissipating 600W. That chassis has never made it to the market, but the SG10 is expected to become a product that will be available in retail. 

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