Crucial’s PCIe 5.0 SSD Throttles to HDD Speeds Without Cooler, but Avoids Thermal Shutdown

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Early samples of the Crucial T700 have the poise to be the fastest consumer SSD when the retail units hit the retail market on May 30. The T700 or one of its competitors will undeniably disrupt the list of the best SSDs very soon.

Corsair’s competing MP700 recently got pushed into the spotlight due to several scenarios where reviewers tested the SSD without a cooler, contrary to Corsair’s recommendation. The publications didn’t conduct the tests in bad faith, but rather to see what would happen if a PCIe 5.0 was to operate without a heatsink or cooler. And the experiments exposed a flaw in the MP700’s firmware related to the thermal throttle curve. Phison’s firmware engineering team has quickly jumped on the issue and has prepared a firmware update fix that’s currently going through internal validation.

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