LG UltraGear 49GR85DC

LG’s 49-inch UltraGear 49GR85DC is Now Shipping With 240Hz DQHD Panel

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Enthusiasts that want a super-wide display to enjoy an immersive gaming experience have a new option: LG’s new 49-inch UltraGear 49GR85DC. The company announced today that the 49GR85DC is now shipping in the United States and will arrive in Europe later this month. Asian customers will have to wait until “later this year” to get their eyes on this ginormous monitor.

With an aspect ratio of 32:9, the 49GR85DC is the equivalent of two 16:9 2560 x 1440 displays placed side by side, giving an effective resolution of 5120 x 1440 (DQHD). In addition, the monitor features a tight 1000R curvature and a VA panel. As you might expect, using a VA panel means that the contrast ratio far exceeds that of traditional IPS panels, coming in at 3,000:1. The 49GR85DC is also no slouch in brightness either, delivering typical brightness of 450 nits. However, you can crank that to 1,000 nits in HDR (the monitor is DisplayHDR 1000 certified).

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