Get a Prebuilt Gaming PC With an RTX 3080 and Save $750: Real Deals

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Building your own PC isn’t for everyone and if you’re after a hassle-free prebuilt experience, this gaming PC could be a great option for you. From PC-builders iBuyPower comes the Gaming RDY Y60BG25 which comes in the attractive Hyte Y60 case with a panoramic view of all the internals of the computer.  

The best news is that you can pick up the iBuyPower Gaming RDY Y60BG25 for $1,849 (opens in new tab), saving a whopping $750 off of the usual retail price. Now, there’s always the argument that prebuilds are expensive and that is valid, but not everyone knows how to install hardware into a case, or wants to experience the anxiety of buying all your parts and hoping everything works when you put the bits together. This is the area where pre-built gaming PCs live. 

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