The Intel Innovation 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:30am PT, 15:30 UTC)

The Intel Innovation 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:30am PT, 15:30 UTC)

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11:35AM EDT – Also, the embargo on something called “Meteor Lake” has just dropped:

11:35AM EDT – Now on stage, Rich Felton, the Director of Sporst Science and COO at

11:34AM EDT – “We have a lot to cover today”

11:34AM EDT – “We have exciting achievements to share with you today”

11:34AM EDT – He’s always very energetic. This year is no different

11:33AM EDT – And here’s Pat

11:32AM EDT – And now it’s a Gelsinger training montage for the Innovation keynote

11:31AM EDT – Pat Gelsinger is writing on a whiteboard

11:31AM EDT – Opening wth a trailer

11:31AM EDT – And here we go

11:30AM EDT – Also joining me on live blog duty today is a very tired Gavin Bonshor

11:29AM EDT – Once again, Intel is at the San Jose Convention Center for this year’s conference, which is Intel’s front yard, relatively speaking

11:28AM EDT – The keynote is scheduled to begin at the bottom of the hour, but people are still coming in

11:28AM EDT – And things should be kicking off here in a couple of minutes

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