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SK Hynix and Nvidia reportedly working on a radical GPU redesign that 3D-stacks HBM memory directly on top of the processing cores

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SK Hynix has started recruiting design personnel for logic semiconductors, such as CPUs and GPUs, reports The company is apparently looking to stacking HBM4 directly on processors, which will not only change the way logic and memory devices are typically interconnected, but will also change the way they are made. In fact, if SK Hynix succeeds, this may largely change how the foundry industry works.

Nowadays HBM stacks integrate eight, 12, or 16 memory devices as well as a logic layer that acts like a hub. HBM stacks are placed on the interposer next to CPUs or GPUs and are connected to their processors using a 1024-bit interface. SK Hynix aims to put HBM4 stacks directly on processors, eliminating interposers altogether. To some degree, this approach resembles AMD’s 3D V-Cache, which is placed directly on CPU dies, but HBM will of course feature considerably higher capacities and will be cheaper (albeit slower).

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