CORSAIR MP700 PRO For Fans Of PCIe 5.0

CORSAIR MP700 PRO For Fans Of PCIe 5.0

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Every Bit As Fast As It Is Tall

The CORSAIR MP700 PRO is a PCIe 5.0 SSD using the Phison E26 controller and a DRAM cache on board, with 4GB on the 2TB model and 2GB for the 1TB version.  The packaging states the drive is capable of sequential reads up to 12,400MB/s and sequential writes hitting 11,800MB/s and The FPS Reviews testing shows that is no brag.  The MP700 PRO was able to hit those transfer speeds and indeed in every test CORSAIR’s new drive outpaced any of the other models they have tested.  That extreme performance does come with a side effect however.

The 2TB model power draw is rated at 11.5W and the 1TB is slightly lower at 11W.  Those consuvmption numbers mean that CORSAIR uses active cooling on the drive, along with a towering heatsink.  You could try running the drive with the heat spreaders that came with your motherboard but that may lead to thermal throttling.  There will also be a MP700 PRO Hydro X series of drives which are watercooled which should certainly keep the drives cool.

Check out the full review and see if you are willing to make room for the MP700 PRO.

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