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The gamer’s guide to early Black Friday deals

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This year has been a great year for gamers, with AAA titles dropping left and right, our favorite SSDs hitting shockingly low prices (and staying there — for months), and GPUs becoming affordable (ish) for a period following the crypto crash (and then rising in price with the current AI craze). 

While it’s not absolutely critical that you go out and buy all the consoles, gaming gear, and games you can find for fear that prices will go up (they probably won’t — games and gaming gear is always a good go-to Christmas gift), Black Friday… season is a good time to grab that ultra lightweight gaming mouse or that wireless gaming headset you’ve been eyeing at a decent discount. It’s not quite Black Friday yet, but with the way retailers have been pushing it, you probably wouldn’t know. The good news is that there are already plenty of great deals on gaming gear, from console bundles and controllers to mechanical keyboards and RGB-infused mouse pads

Console bundles and DualSense controllers in every color

I’m a PC gamer through and through, but game consoles make a great all-in-one video game gift. Plus, with our top gaming GPU, the RTX 4090, sitting at around $2,000 (and looking like it will probably keep creeping higher), maybe it’s a good time to invest in a game console. Flagship consoles don’t usually get deep discounts, even during sale season, until the next generation comes out. Instead, manufacturers will try to tempt you by bundling them with games and accessories. 

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The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X both launched in 2020, but Sony just revamped the PS5 with a slimmer design last week — so it’s not too surprising that we’re seeing better bundles with a wider selection of games for the Xbox Series X. 

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