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China’s fastest domestic gaming GPU gets massive performance boost from new drivers, up to 80% jump in some games, as the country grapples with RTX 4090 ban

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Moore Threads is China’s only developer of gaming graphics cards, and its first generation MTT S80 GPU just got a big driver update (via ITHome) that boosts performance tremendously, an important development now that the US government has banned Nvidia’s fastest gaming GPU, the RTX 4090, from the country. The MTT S80’s performance has now increased by double digits in five AAA titles, with one game getting an 80% improvement. For first-generation products, drivers are almost as important as the hardware itself, and it looks like the MTT S80 has room to grow even a year after it was released.

The new 240.50 version driver delivered the largest gains in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with an 80% boost to the average framerate. Meanwhile, the weakest improvement of the five was in Far Cry: New Dawn, which still saw an improvement of 30%. Valorant and Grand Theft Auto V both stood at 60% more frames, and Assetto Corsa registered a 50% bump.

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