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AMD Zen 5 support arrives with five new instructions — GNU compiler collection posted

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The GNU Compiler Collection has gained support for AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 architecture with a new patch, indicating a handful of new instructions will be coming to Zen 5-based chips (via Phoronix). Not only is the update an indication that AMD is steadily preparing Zen 5 for launch, but the particular instructions flag where AMD is seeking to take its brand-new architecture.

Interestingly, the compiler update indicates Zen 5 will debut five instructions never-before-seen on Zen-based chips. Four of the instructions have been native to Intel CPUs for a few years now, and one will be coming to the company’s Granite Rapids server CPUs sometime shortly, so in a sense AMD is playing catch-up with Intel. That’s not entirely unusual, as AMD doesn’t seem to prioritize instruction set support as much as Intel, especially with regard to AVX-related instructions.

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