China’s secretive Tianhe 3 supercomputer uses homegrown hybrid CPU — rivals US systems with 1.57 Exaflops of performance: Report

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One of the mysteries surrounding China’s Tianhe 3 (Xingyi) supercomputer is what hardware is used to build it. A recent article by The Next Platform has shed light on the MT-3000 processor designed by the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT). As it turns out, the MT-3000 features a unique heterogeneous architecture that includes general-purpose CPU cores, control cores, and matrix accelerator cores.

NUDT’s MT-3000 processor features a multi-zone structure that packs 16 general-purpose CPU cores with 96 control cores and 1,536 accelerator cores, according to The Next Platform. The MT-3000 processor reportedly achieves 11.6 FP64 TFLOPS of peak performance and demonstrates a power efficiency of 45.4 GigaFLOPS/Watt at an operational frequency of 1.20 GHz. 

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