RTX 2000 Ada Generation

Nvidia’s new Pro GPU costs less than $650 — RTX 2000 Ada Generation arrives with 2,816 CUDA cores and 16GB ECC VRAM

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Nvidia has expanded its reach in the professional market with a new entry-level workstation graphics card. Debuting today at $625, the RTX 2000 Ada Generation targets professional consumers who own compact systems and are also on a very tight budget.

The RTX 2000 Ada Generation is a small form factor (SFF) graphics card, sharing an identical design and dimensions as the faster RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation and the previous RTX A2000. The RTX 2000 Ada Generation features a dual-slot design with a blower-type cooling system that measures 6.6 inches (16.76 cm) long. Nvidia includes a standard ATX and low-profile bracket, so the RTX 2000 Ada Generation will fit equally into standard and SFF systems.

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