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Software allows CUDA code to run on AMD and Intel GPUs without changes — ZLUDA is back but both companies ditched it, nixing future updates

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ZLUDA, the software that enabled Nvidia’s CUDA workloads to run on Intel GPUs, is back but with a major change: It now works for AMD GPUs instead of Intel models (via Phoronix). And it seems further work on the project won’t be happening, at least not major updates, with ZLUDA developer Andrzej Janik (going by the handle vosen) saying “realistically, it’s now abandoned.”

ZLUDA first popped up back in 2020, and showed great promise for making Intel GPUs compatible with CUDA, which forms the backbone of Nvidia’s dominant and proprietary hardware-software ecosystem. Although Intel’s only GPUs at the time were integrated graphics, the computing world was expecting the launch of Intel’s Xe-based GPUs, such as Ponte Vecchio and Arc Alchemist. Now that those GPUs are out, ZLUDA would find lots of use, which was presumably the intention in 2020.

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